Consider why …

… for more than two years, unfortunately, I have suffered from depression caused by my mother and confirmed by my ex-wife.
I was married for 10 years when my wife divorced me overnight. No thing, I thought, until two years later, with the help of the youth welfare office and my mother, (experienced as adulteress and quarrel) took me the court the opportunity to see my 3 children.
My ex-wife did not burn anything to take all my money from me, so that you can lead a beautiful life with your new.
Well, I have listened to my "friends" and have done one therapy after another.
All mindfulness exercises trained daily and extended, nourished me healthy, looking for a new job ..... time waste .... my ex-wife has noticed and accused me again.
The bill was so high that I had to sell mine and good. However, this cost me my job as I was terrified of losing my reputation in the job.
(You could also buy something new to wear - so my boss)
Unfortunately I can not pay now also the running costs of the youth welfare office.

I've stored my other belongings in a mini-container and live in a priceless ten square meter flat, where I still have a phone and a laptop and the things I have on.
Now I have filed for bankruptcy, which did not bring much, so I quit my apartment to pay at least a few more bills.

I have not seen my therapist for a few weeks because I see no sense in it anymore and it is too expensive for me to drive to her.
Well, no one calls and asks where I am and what I do, not even on my birthday someone has called.
And when I noticed that, I realized that it is not interesting to humanity (sorry, that has to be sheared over a chimney).
People rot each other out to be able to state with riches and you do not care if your neighbor or an employee or even the cashier at the bakery has to jump over the edge.

I am finally fed up with the cruelty ....

And the cruelty is already done to my children in the first grade. Just because a child is a bit more active than any other, it is the same disturbed and is fully pumped with anti depressive and if that is not enough, there is still a KO means to go to sleep.

Why can not we all live in peace and just be ordinary people?
Why do we always have to be annoyed just because a customer has no idea and does not want to buy the cat in a poke?
Why do you get a yelp because you did not even look at the fucking phone?
Why do we do things we do not want to do?
Why, why, why ......?

The question no longer arises for me. I made sure that this website will be paid for a long time and that no one can ask me anymore, why ..... because the answer is so simple, but nobody can understand it and nobody wants it.

I wish you a nice material life, I'm off then .....